Comparative Management of Multinational Enterprises

Comparative Management of Multinational Enterprises

This course started out to be the most promising and interesting one of the entire semester. It was taught by the university’s vice president, a 85 year old U.S. citizen, who seemed to be a fan of the republican party. Further, he has been a multiple-time CEO and teacher at a university in the U.S. During the first lesson he told us what to expect in the upcoming semester. He handed us out the Syllabus for the course, which turned out to be existential for passing the class. The hand-out consisted of about 200 technical terms of the business world. The next semester would be spent explaining these 200 words each and every lesson. Due to my Dutch university background I knew all of them from the beginning on, which made participating in this course for 3 months excruciating. Literally, the one thing that the class had done in the semester was going through the list of technical terms over and over and over and over. Well, apart from the one time where we made a game where he picked two teams to compete against each other in defining said technical terms. Furthermore, we had to hand in a report in which we had to compare two major companies with each other. Out of the grade for achieved in the report and the grade for the final examination the final grade would then be calculated. Unfortunately, I only achieved a B for this course, due to not achieving the maximum amount in my report. When I asked him why I did not achieve a maximum, he literally replied “Your report was above my head and interest”….

Teacher’s proficiency: Below average

English: Fluent

Homework: None

Grading Method: 1 Report + 1 Final Examination

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