Business Policy

Business Policy

This one actually was a really interesting and challenging course during my semester at Siam. It was taught by a Thai who not that long ago finished his studies at the London Business School. Therefore his expectation have been high from the beginning on. He wanted us to use his lesson for working on our group project, which’s quality and process would be rated during each lesson. Each’s groups assignement was to analyze a multinational enterprise and work on recommendations and valuable future business models for it. As he expected a lot already during the lessons, it was really an exhausting, challenging but nonetheless an interesting course. Apart from that, he sometimes gave little presentations on the content that would be tested during the examinations. After all, I was glad that I took this course.

Teacher Proficiency: Good

English: Good

Homework: Moderate

Graduation Method: 1 Mid-Term Examination, 1 Final Examination, 1 Report.

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