As the title already says, this course was all about advertising, and therefore about marketing. The class was held by the same teacher that also led “Business Policy”, which was good, as he proofed that he has in depth knowledge of the business world. During the upcoming semester the course’s main assignment was (again) a group project. Within this project, the group was supposed to find 3 examples of companies that are struggling with advertisement related topics. Further, we were supposed not only find and define the problem, but also to provide the company with a strategic plan on how to improve the advertisement related problem. When the assignment was finished, each and every group was expected to present their results in class. Apart from that, the teacher would also use the Class’s time in order to lecture us about the exam relevant material.  All in all, it was a very interesting and fun to do course.

Teacher Proficiency: Good

English: Good

Homework: Moderate

Graduation Method: 1 Mid-Term Examination, 1 Final Examination, 1 Report, 1 Presentation

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